ICA Statement on the Federal election
“In all past federal elections Independent Contractors Australia has sought to detail and explain each party’s policy and positions as they affect small business people. We express our conclusions to help people draw their own conclusions.  

In this 2016 election we draw the following conclusions:

•   The positions of both Labor and The Greens pose a threat to small business people.

•   The Coalition has generally delivered on its small business commitments from the last election. The Coalition has key policies to defend and protect small business people from the threats posed by Labor and The Greens.  

•   The independents in the Senate have been solid in their support for small business people.

A dominant factor shaping our conclusions is the issue of the ‘Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal’ in that it is specifically designed to destroy the businesses of one small business group – owner drivers. This RSRT is a template that could be used against other classes of small business people.

•   Labor and The Greens support and promote the RSRT.

•   The Coalition and the independents (except Motoring Enthusiasts) repealed the relevant Act in April 2016 and still oppose the RSRT.

We have prepared a full explanation of the approach to small business by each of the major parties and the independents over the last three years. Note that there is actually a mixed bag of positioning by the Coalition, Labor and The Greens during this period. We explain this below.
We trust that self-employed people and anyone interested in small business will find our explanations helpful.”

Ken Phillips and the
Team at Independent Contractors Australia

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