FMG chief attacks Labor’s ‘anti-business’ stance

The West Australian. 5.8.16:

Fortescue Metals Group boss Nev Power has waded into the choppy waters of politics, accusing Labor of repositioning itself as an “enemy of business”.

Mr Power said a recent shift to the left by the Liberals and Nationals had brought about a worrying change to the ALP.

“That’s crowded out the Labor Party and they’ve adopted an anti-business stance in reaction to that, which I think is a bad thing for Australia,” the Fortescue chief executive told the Australian Mines and Metals Association’s national conference yesterday.

“It’s a really major concern that we see a major political party in Australia as anti-business and the enemy of business party. We need to have both the major parties straddling the centre ground.”

He said fundamentals such as economic growth and community development should be embraced by both major parties.

Broadspectrum managing director Graeme Hunt said fear of public opinion was stifling debate. “Too much, our politicians and leaders are trying to steer a very difficult path through remaining popular and not sending difficult messages,” he said. “If someone stood up and said ‘This is really how it’s got to be’, it would get more support than what the focus groups might say they would.”