ABCC will target companies, not unions

Last in last week’s edition of the Broadcast we published and commented on an article from The Australian, October 22, 2016 by Grace Collier under the heading, ‘ABCC will target construction companies, not unions’, in which she pointed out: “Before projects begin, head contractors hold talks with unions to draw up an EBA and sign a master copy. Then they give the unions a list of all the subcontractors tendering for work, whereupon the unions visit the subcontractors with the master copy in hand and make it clear (and this is where the thuggery and bullying can come in) that without the subcontractor’s signature on the EBA tenders will be denied and no work from the head contractor will come their way.”
Subsequently, CoSBA has obtained information by the CFMEU that establishes conclusively it is targeting the building and construction industry in WA with this reprehensible thuggery, by doing deals with the big end of town to adopt their EBAs to impose them on small business subcontractors. What is the Barnett government doing about that, or is it turning a blind eye to the collusion of the big end of town with the union to screw small business?
The Australian, October 31, 2016, under the heading ‘CFMEU in video threat to Bill Shorten’ reported: “Union leaders have been caught on video boasting of a plan to “take ownership” of the Labor Party and impose their will on its policies, sending a warning shot to Bill Shorten that they will replace politicians who stand in their way.” (Full report below).
Additionally, The Australian, October 31, 2016 under the heading ‘Donor unions escape Labor sanction’ reported: “A union boss has warned that Labor’s plunging primary vote represents an “existential crisis” for the party that will be arrested only by punishing affiliated ¬unions that ¬donate to the party’s opponents.” (For full report click on:
The Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, can’t serve two masters, the Australian public and the unions, principally the CFMEU. If he tries to walk both sides of the street he will come unstuck. The CFMEU will see to that. And, the summary of this reprehensible behaviour of the unions, lead by the CFMEU, can only be seen as a Marxist/Leninist challenge to our democratic system through blatant bastardry and thuggery.