Big business needs to get with the contract overhaul program

The Australian, November 11, 2016 Robert Gottliebsen: EXTRACT:

Starting on Saturday November 12, vast areas of the Australian business community will need to change the way they do business as the unfair contracts legislation comes into operation.The ‘policeman’ of unfair contracts — the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has now completed a study of seven industries -advertising, telecommunications, retail leasing, independent contracting, franchising, waste management and agriculture — and found that large enterprises in those sectors were riddled with unfair contracts.

Starting next week, it will be concentrating on those industries.

Then, later, it will move to the really big fish — banking and building — which have some of the worst unfair contracts.

My regular readers will know that, along with Independent Contractors Australia’s Ken Phillips, I played a role in helping the Parliament pass the legislation which aims to change the way larger enterprises deal with smaller enterprises.

I believe with a passion that in the decades to follow much more employment will be generated by small enterprises and unfair contracts are the first step in adjusting the community to this process.

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