CoSBA ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: We have amended our Constitution to open up membership to Associate Members, that are organisations, businesses and persons operating a business that do not otherwise qualify for ordinary Membership of the Association, as such they shall not have power to vote at meetings of the Association nor be elected to the Committee of Management.

Applications for Associate Membership can be found on our web page at:

In today’s edition of The Australian, Robert Gottliebsen reports on the need for big business to get with the contract overhaul program, warning that: “Starting on Saturday November 12, vast areas of the Australian business community will need to change the way they do business as the unfair contracts legislation comes into operation.” (Read this important article below)

John Durie in The Australian, November 5, 2016; under the heading ‘SMEs to get protection from unfair contract rules’ provides a detailed report on an important to small business, wherein the report commences: “The big banks face a new legal test next week when the unfair contract provisions that protect consumers are extended to small business, threatening to void one-sided big business contracts.” (See John Durie’s full report below)

And, The Australian, November 10, 2016 reports: Morrison calls Shorten ‘a serial liar’ over super and tax reforms. Scott Morrison has escalated the political brawl over budget repair by labelling Bill Shorten a “serial liar” on controversial reforms, ­infuriating Labor in a bitter fight over tax rates for foreign workers and new imposts on superannuation. (See an extract of the report below – for full report click on: