CoSBA ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: We have amended our Constitution to open up membership to Associate Members, that are organisations, businesses and persons operating a business that do not otherwise qualify for ordinary Membership of the Association, as such they shall not have power to vote at meetings of the Association nor be elected to the Committee of Management.

Applications for Associate Membership can be found on our web page at:

ACCOLADE: Last week we published the article ‘Big business needs to get with the contract overhaul program’ that was published in The Australian, November 11, 2016.   We revisit this article because of its enormous significance to bringing long overdue fairness to small businesses in their day-to-day commercial dealings. Significantly, the accolade for achieving this momentous outcome for small business goes, in large part, to Ken Phillips, CEO of the Independent Contractors Australia, a champion of small business. Ken for his part should be awarded a gong for his persistent effort in bringing this long overdue matter forward and to fruition.