From little things…

ASBFEO Latest News Update, 16 November 2016

The evolution of a product

Working hard to make ends meet as a young single mum, Loo Taylor decided to start selling her home-made terry towelling cushions at the Fremantle markets near Perth.

Cushions weren’t her only area of expertise though; Loo also made hair clips.

“I had long hair at the time, and after I cut it all off, I started making clips with flowers on them to wear,” Loo explained.

“One day, a lady at the market asked where I bought my flowers from and I told her I made them myself. I then made 12 pairs of daisy clips to sell. She came back, bought three and I sold the rest instantly. I had orders for the following weekend too,” she said.

Going global

Loo’s father, who sold women’s swimwear around the country, suggested she try selling her clips wholesale.  With her father’s help, Loo was stocked Australia-wide within two months.

Six years and 504 wholesale outlets later, things were going great. Loo supplied shops in NZ and Bali, as well as nationally to Cotton On, Charlie Brown and Price Attack. She was also expecting her second child with her new partner.

Time out

Loo’s son was born with a rare brain abnormality and passed away 18 hours after birth, leaving her devastated.

“I handed my shop over to my dad, neglected a lot of my customers, my staff, my friends and family,” she said.

12 months later, Loo welcomed her son Beau into the world before her sister, who was one of her biggest fans, lost her battle with cancer.

“Through my sad times, I’ve been very easily distracted and admit to neglecting my business.”

 A new start with a new medium

Some years later, Loo decided it was time for her to revive Loo Taylor Designs by getting online and allowing customers all over Australia and the world to be able to purchase her products.

Loo was overwhelmed with how the internet has changed the face of small business.

“Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, PayPal, YouTube, the list goes on…. I certainly never had these things when I was 23 starting out my little business,” Loo recalled.

Loo says she’s enjoying being able to engage with customers around the country.

“Retail is very hard at the moment, but each day brings new opportunities and I am staying open to those opportunities,” Loo said.