UNIONS (PL)UCK SMALL BUSINESS: The Australian of 20.3.17 reports: “Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has accused Bill Shorten of consistently selling out mum and dad small business operators to look after the interests of big unions and big business as she lashes Labor for its campaign to reverse a cut to Sunday penalty rates.” And, . . . “analysis showing that union wage deals with fast-food giants like KFC meant that workers were receiving Sunday penalty rates well below the award – making it much harder for mum and dad café owners to compete.” (See reports below)Although the Government is legislating to make this behaviour by the unions illegal, thishis outrageous and grossly reprehensible behaviour by Shorten and his union mates cannot be permitted to pass without them being brought to book, and if that means putting them in gaol then so be it. The Government must start pursuing them NOW! This is nothing less than blatant hypocrisy by a person who holds himself out to be the Prime Minister of this country. What a joke!
THE ‘NEW’ ACTU: The Australian of 17.3.17 reports: In an interview with The Australian, Ms McManus said: “I’m a unionist first, second and third. I’m a member of the Labor Party and I believe in the Labor Party but, if I had to choose, the movement comes first and our members come first”. . . Ms McManus said her chief priorities were to grow the union movement and strengthen the rights of workers. She said she would lead a union campaign for major changes to the Fair Work Act and put “demands” on the political parties in the lead up the election. . . “We will be focused on building a very big movement that’s going to be demanding these changes in the interests of ordinary working ­Australians.’’
This is now the militant mantra of the Australian union movement, and whilst Shorten may well utter political platitudes, we know that at the end of the day he will do what the unions tell him, in particular his new boss is Sally McManus. Watch this space with trepidation.
What then for the new WA Labor Government, with its Cabinet stacked with left-wing unionists? The Sally McMannus phenomenon will no doubt embolden the WA union movement and the collateral damage that will inflict on small business, and although the “unaligned” Premier has made some small but welcomed gestures for small business with “his small business roots with SME growth package”, the anti-small business unions will ensure there’s nothing much more to be had, except grief.
Remember the Premier’s words: “I have a great relationship with business. If you name most of the business people on (St ­Georges) Terrace [big end of town], I know them reasonably well.” Sounds familiar, with Bill Shorten when he did deals with the big end of town to get back handers for his union, the consequences were selling small business down the gurgler. Small business should be afraid, very afraid!

BIG GOVERNMENT v SMALL BUSINESS: SmartCompany, March 15 2017 reports on big Government kicking a small business in the guts: “A small business owner has spoken out about what he describes as the “enormous gulf” between the federal government and SMEs, after spending more than 12 months attempting to have late fees that were attached to his annual review invoice voided.

“Dennis Rutzou [of] Dennis Rutzou Public Relations . . . says he has paid his annual invoices from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on time every year since founding his company in 1968. However, he is now facing mounting late fees, after the regulator denied his claims for leniency based on his years of paying on time.

“Rutzou believes his situation displays the “enormous gulf” between small business and the government. “This would have taken less than five minutes to decide in the business world. For businesses it would have been, ‘here’s a customer who’s been loyal since 1968, of course, we’ll waive the fees’,” he says.” (See report below)

Whilst at the end of the day the “Government” (meaning the politicians) are accountable, as per usual it is the bureaucrats that impose the red tape with impunity, in particular on small business, who they know don’t have the capacity to take the on. However, in this case Dennis Rutzou is having a go, and we trust he is successful, and the Minister for Finance, Kelly O’Dwyer will assist with putting the bureaucrats back in their box.