ACTU $45 WAGE CLAIM: It hasn’t taken long for the new ACTU secretary, Sally McManus, to put the boot into small business with her “aggressive positioning”, as reported in The Australian, March 29, 2017: “Last night employers condemned the move, accusing the ACTU of treating small bus­inesses “like an ATM”. Business groups will urge the commission to limit the annual pay rise to ­between $8 and $10 a week.”

In response the: “Master Grocers, representing brands including IGA and FoodWorks, said the increase should be no more than $8.15 a week.” And, we agree this is just bloody mindedness on the part of McManus with her muscle flexing, and she well knows that small business is the soft target. (See report below).

PENALTY RATES – MALFEASANCE: It is with profound concern and consternation that we learn that Senators Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson will now join Senator Nick Xenophon in supporting the Labor Opposition’s Bill to overturn the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) Decision to reduce penalty rates in the hospitality, pharmacy and retail sectors.

From CoSBA’s point of view their abhorrent position clearly demonstrates their renunciation of two significant principles that are of great consequence to small business, they are the acceptance of the decisions of the independent umpire, the FWC, and their support for small business.

As it is their decision to reject the rulings of the FWC we cannot any longer have confidence in them as an elected members of parliament, and others and/or political parties, that choose, when it suits them, not to accept the rulings of the independent institutions created by Parliament to make decisions on matters that they are required by law to do. What decisions of other Commission’s are they contemplating rejecting?

This unfortunate and utterly contemptible malfeasance is a demonstration that they and their parties are anti-small business and can no longer be looked to support the needs and aspirations of small businesses. All three Senators have been written to in the terms of this article. (See report below).

THE ATO STRIKES AGAIN: Reports SmartCompany, March 28, 2017 “Business owners traveling for work may need to be careful what deductions they claim from the Australian Taxation Office. Speaking generally about deductible expenses, an ATO spokesperson says “Individuals are entitled to claim deductions for expenses related to their work – no more and no less”. “Individuals need to ensure that large claims are substantiated with evidence of the actual expenditure.” Claimants, you have been warned, big brother ATO is out hunting for your dollars.