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Last updated: 3 April 2017

Would your business benefit from being able to trial a young person on an internship to see if they are the right fit? The Australian Government’s new Youth Jobs PaTH program can help you!

What is Youth Jobs PaTH?

Youth Jobs PaTH is a new program designed to better prepare young people aged between 15 and 24 for work in your business. It also encourages employers to trial a young person for a job and offers financial incentives if they hire them.

Youth Jobs PaTH has three elements:

  • Prepare: young people will be prepared for work through Employability Skills Training to help improve their chances of finding and keeping a job.
  • Trial: employers can trial a young person in an internship from anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks and receive $1,000 to help with the costs of hosting the internship.
  • Hire: employers who hire an eligible young person can receive a Youth Bonus wage subsidy  incentive of up to $6,500 or $10,000.
What does a PaTH Internship involve?
  • PaTH Internships are supervised work experience of 30 to 50 hours per fortnight.
  • Participation is voluntary and you don’t have to pay the young person.
  • The Australian Government provides the intern $200 per fortnight on top of their income support and covers their insurance.
  • An employment services provider will match you up with a job-ready young person who is keen to work in your business.
  • The provider will help you create a structured and meaningful workplan so you can fully assess the young person’s capability.
  • If they are the right fit and you hire them, the provider will help you access the Youth Bonus wage subsidy incentive payment of up to $6,500 or $10,000.
How can I host a PaTH Internship?

Your business can take part in a PaTH Internship by:

  • contacting your local jobactive provider, Transition to Work provider or Disability Employment Services provider
  • advertising for a PaTH Internship online.
More information:

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