TAX CUT FOR SMALL BUSINESS: The Australian of 1.4.17 reports: Turnbull’s tax cut win for 800,000 small firms. (See report below) That was the great news for small business passed in the Senate late Friday. It is most welcome relief for small business, and the Government and the Senate cross-bench, in particular Senator Xenophon, are to be highly commended for reaching the outcome.

As small business is aware, it is axiomatic to operating a business, in particular a small business, the art of negotiation is fundamental to success. It is a daily occurrence that takes place between small businesses and their customers, suppliers, and indeed with all levels of government departments and agencies. It is never ending.

Accordingly, from our perspective, it also follows that fundamental to success in government is the willingness to negotiate outcomes, which may not always be strictly that which the government espoused as its policy position, but never-the-less a successful outcome, as it is in this case.

The Government has done a great service for small business, and itself proud. On behalf of small business, we thank you.

Conversely, it is disappointing that the Labor Opposition opposed thee tax relief for small business, and as a demonstration of the Labor Opposition lack of support for small business The Australian, March 20, 2017, under the heading ‘Shorten ‘looks after big business’’ reported: Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has accused Bill Shorten of consistently selling out mum and dad small business operators to look after the interests of big unions and big business. . .”

“Senator Cash said the Opposition Leader was defending the interests of big business by backing in enterprise agreement negotiated between unions and corporations that traded away Sunday loadings while opposing reductions to small business costs.

However, true to form, on April 2, it was reported in The Australian: Labor has refused to rule out reversing the government’s tax cuts for small and medium-sized businesses after the next election. . , opposition assistant treasury spokesman Andrew Leigh repeatedly declined to say if Labor would roll back tax cuts secured on Friday. “We’ll have those conversations as we come into the next election.”

WA SMALL BUSINESS: Although it is early days, so far the WA Government has not demonstrated what it has to offer small business. The WA Government’s policies for small business are set out in the two Labor pre-election documents: ‘Labor Supporting Small Business’ available on the internet at: and in a letter to CoSBA of 8 March 2014.  In our view, these documents contain and set out the benchmarks by which the Government can be judged as to its ongoing performance with respect to small business.