THE KICKING GAME: Bureaucrats in all levels of government seem to revel in going after the soft target, and generally speaking they know won’t fight back. “. . . so many have been burnt by dealings with big businesses and the major banks, government departments and bureaucracies . . .  that they’re always looking over their shoulders, wondering “Who’s coming after me next?” And, “At a recent meeting, one of the brand managers I was talking to was claiming SMEs don’t trust anyone: “How can we get them to trust us?” they asked.” SmartCompany, April 5, 2017 under the heading ‘SMEs and the question of trust’, copied below, reports on the kicking game.

THE IT TRANSITION: As it is with CoSBA, a number of our members and their members the trend for small business is the transition to the phenomena of information technology (IT). This trend is discussed in the below SmartCompany article ‘Are you aware of the latest IT trend changing businesses?”: “For many of us, IT systems are a complicated line of terms that mean very little to the uninitiated. . . The terms themselves are enough to baffle a business owner before they find out more.

FAKE MYOB INVOICES: Fake MYOB invoices land in thousands of email inboxes, as business owners warned “never click on the link” (See report below)