IT’S TAX WAR: Reference is made to a headline article in the 25.7.17 edition of The Australian under the heading of ‘Labor’s tax war on trusts to hit business’. As Mr Shorten’s plan will be a massive kick in the guts for small business we have conveyed to him our opposition in the strongest possible terms.

Ironically, the report states: “Labor Left faction leader Doug Cameron said he had argued in the past that trusts could be used to minimise tax although there was a “genuine need” for them in areas like small business and farming.” That coming from a prominent Senator in the Labor party is a totally contrary to Shorten’s plan.

Also a comment posted to the report states: “The only thing Labor hates more than a self-funded retiree is someone running a small business. Neither entity can be brought to heel by a union, . . .” A comment with which we would not disagree.

We wrote to Mr Shorten on 12 October 2016 concerning his plans for small business tax cuts, in which we said: “For small business the position taken by Labor on blocking the tax cuts for small business proposed by the Government, to say the least is reprehensible and portrays a perception of Labor being anti-small business.

His continued plans to attack small business with “tax reforms” is totally reprehensible and reaffirms our position that we have no reason to change from.

UNFAIR DISMISSAL: Whilst we continue to advocate and lobby against the unfair “unfair dismissal” laws, there are exceptions like the one reported in The Australian, July 21, 2017 (copied below), in which “A Fair Work Commissioner has lashed an employer for treating a female cleaner like a “dirty rag”, declaring the case showed why unfair dismissal laws should not be weakened. Commissioner Cambridge said he had dealt with unfair dismissal claims for 20 years and “unfortunately, this case will join the ranks of those elite few which forever remain ignominiously memorable”. “The reason for dismissal was erroneous, capricious, unsound, unfounded, fanciful, ill-considered, illogical, intemperate, and devoid of compassion,’’ he said.”

THE NBN: Last week we commented on the NBN and questioned: “Is the much-heralded NBN turning out to be a fizzer, in particular for small business?” That question is answered in the affirmative in The Australian, July 24, 2017 under the heading: ‘Telcos refuse to guarantee NBN speed’. Which reports: “None of the nation’s major telcos will guarantee that customers will experience super-fast internet under the National Broadband Network, or even that they will deliver the same speed packages being sold to them by the agency in charge of the $49 billion project­.”

We have written to the Ministers for Communications and Small Business along the lines of our last week’s comment and are waiting a reply.