MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 18 August 2017

TAX GRAB: Another kick in the guts for small business. The Australian, August 14, 2017 under the heading ‘ALP’s $100bn tax hit to cost mum-and-dad investors [small business] and the aged’ reported on what Treasurer, Scott Morrison, characterised as: “Labor’s “unprecedented tax grabs” (copied below).

The report said:Families and small businesses would cop a bill of more than $100 billion over a decade under federal Labor’s tax plan, new ­figures reveal. Independent Parliamentary Budget Office modelling, out today, shows the cost of proposed tax increases to small businesses, mum-and-dad investors, older people and high-income earners under a Bill Shorten government.”

If ever there was further evidence needed that Labor has clearly demonstrated it no empathy or support for small business, this report nails it.

THE WORKPLACE: The Australian, August 12, 2017 published an important article by Grace Collier under the heading ‘Management can ignore unions and deal directly with staff’ (copied below). Why important, because it offers compelling advice concerning the myths about workplace agreements, in particular for small businesses.

Ms Collier said: “Agreement termination applications are the fastest growing trend in the IR sector. Anyone can go to the FWC website, fill out the form and lodge it. A few years ago, terminating an agreement was unheard of, but more than 500 terminations occurred last year,

After an agreement is terminated all workers are returned to the relevant award and can be paid on individual contracts, at above award rates, if the employer chooses.

There is no need for any employer to engage in enterprise bargaining any more, and anyone pretending otherwise is being disingenuous. Bad management habits are hard to break and law firms are making a killing, gouging companies for bargaining services they don’t need and cannot afford.”

This report conveys another important another message for small business in understanding their workplace rights, and if engaging in individual contracts it is important that they should be in writing.