MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 25 August 2017

WA BUSINESS HIT: The West Australian, August 22, 2017 reports: “There had been a lift in all measures of sentiment after the election but with the McGowan Government increasing fees and charges and concerns that it may also increase taxes, the number of WA firms expecting the next year to be tougher has grown 13 per cent to 45 per cent.” That of course does not bode well for small business indicating that there will be a very tough year ahead.

That will be further exasperated by ‘WA set to record second highest electricity prices in Australia’, as reported in The West Australian, 22 August 2017, stating: “The State Government is set to oversee the second highest electricity charges in the country after warnings its sharp increase in power access fees were hurting struggling families.” And, will also be a massive hit on small businesses.

THE NBN FIASCO: Despite all the previous duck, weaving, smoke and mirrors about NBN cost and speeds the providers seem to be coming clean and getting things sorted. The Australian, August 21, 2017 under the heading: ‘Thousands to get NBN refunds’ reported: “Thousands of subscribers to the National Broadband Network will be refunded after the nation’s biggest telco launched an investigation into overcharging.

And, “Optus last week publicly said the high cost of “bandwidth” was preventing it providing high-speed internet to some of its customers.” Additionally, The Australian, August 22, 2017 under the heading ‘ACCC to scrutinise telcos’ deceptive NBN advertising’ reported: The competition watchdog has launched tough new guidelines to tackle “extremely poor” advertising by telcos spruiking National Broadband Network packages that fail to deliver promised speeds during peak times.”