MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 17 November 2017

THE UNION GRAVY TRAIN ENDING: In article by Robert Gottliebsen published The Weekend Australian, 11.11.17 (copied below), is a clear demonstration of a David (Vickers) & Golliath (Coles/unions) battle that has produced a positive spin off where “employees are set to gain what union power has blocked for decades: a choice of superannuation funds.” A convincing win against the unions and the big end of town for employees.

I SWEAR: Unless there is a successful appeal of a ruling of Commissioner Bernie Riordan of the Fair Work Commission Decision (FWC) reported on the ABC News web site (copied below under the heading: ‘’Coal mine not a convent’: Unfair dismissal ruling sparks debate about swearing at work”, said: “A miner who was sacked for using foul and abusive language at work is set to be reinstated after a ruling by the Fair Work Commission.”, will place employers, in particular small businesses in an invidious position.

Columnist David Penberthy commenting on the Decision in The Sunday Times, 12.11.17, stated I SWEAR. . . This weeks’s Commission decision means it is now official – we don’t care about the profanities people use in conversation every day. WHAT A DISGRACE. And: “I am not sure which parts of life Commissioner Riordan walks through, but as a former ETU chief and NSW Labor president, it is safe to assume it was an environment more replete with C-words than the local Rotary club or floral society.”Commissions are supposed to make Decisions based on the principle: what is in the “public interest”. However, the “pub test” would suggest that the Commissioner’s decision is NOT in the public interest, and, It seems that it is unfair to sack employees who use the most profane language at work. Employers BE AWARE!