MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 12 January 2018

THE FRANCHISE TRAP: In an item screened on Channel 9’s A Current Affair on Monday evening was the appalling story of numerous franchisees being ripped off by their franchisor, a wealthy Gold Coast businessman operating as RFG. “It felt like a trap, even after we told them we can’t afford it,” “In a statement to A Current Affair, “Sara Bradford from RFG said: “As a multi-brand company supporting numerous small businesses across Australia, the livelihood and profitability of each and every franchisee is of the utmost importance to us.

What is so frustrating about this is that the Franchise Act and Code of Conduct was recently amended to prohibit these type of reprehensible rip offs of small business franchisees by franchisors, so what is the Federal Government going to do about it?? And, we would hope that here in WA the Commissioner of Small Business and the Department of Fair Trading has this matter squarely on their radar.

ECONOMY-JOBS:“Employment growth in 2017 was the best in a decade as business cast off the caution left by the global financial crisis and started lifting investment.” Is great and optimistic news for our economy including in WA. “West Australian Deputy Premier Roger Cook said the gains in employment in the state over the past year showed the economy was “turning in the right direction.” Employment had been falling in Western Australia until December 2016, but grew strongly in the final two months of last year.” With this good news we trust 2018 will be the dawning of an era of improving prosperity and see a substantial turnaround for small business.