MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 26 January 2017

SICKIES: “Australia’s Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd weighed in on figures from Direct Health Solutions’ 2017 Absence Management survey, which revealed the number of days employees were absent across Australia increased from 9.5 to 9.7 a year in 2017.” Mr Lloyd’s assessment comes from his comparison between the “public” and “private” sectors. This is a classic case of a bureaucrat’s, “lies, lies and statistics

Someone should inform Mr Lloyd, of there being two sectors in the “private” sector, that of big and small business, and in so doing he may be surprised to find out, as “Council of Small Business Australia chief executive Peter Strong says claims that some firms in the private sector are stopping workers from taking sick leave are “ridiculous, . .

While he does not believe small businesses are preventing workers from taking days off when they need them, he observes smaller operators do have a culture which discourages workers from taking time off if they don’t really need it. “In a small business in particular, you let down your work mates if you go on leave unneccessarily,” he says.

CASUALS: “Employers have hailed a Fair Work Commission ruling upholding a refusal by Visy to convert ­labour hire workers to permanent full-time employment after three months. A commission full bench rejected an appeal by the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union of an earlier decision upholding Visy’s refusal to make two labour hire employees permanent.

But as one would expect, “ACTU secretary Sally McMan­us said the decision showed how “hopelessly broken our workplace laws are”, renewing the union movement’s push for changes to the Fair Work Act.” So it seems that every time the unions sustain a loss before the Fair Work Commission, the independent umpire, Ms McMan­us screams foul and wants the laws changed to skew them to the unions favour. Yeah right!