MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 23 February 2018

FRANCHISING WARS: A disturbing report was published in the 19.2.18 edition of The West Australian newspaper under the heading ‘Franchise wars head to court’ concerning the reprehensible behaviour of franchisors ripping off small business franchisees. We again brought this reprehensible matter to the attention of the Government.

The report states: “The dis­putes around two well­ known food and drink brands are the lat­est in a string of night­mare tales from fran­chisees, which led one sen­a­tor to call for a par­lia­men­tary in­quiry into the sec­tor.” Another inquiry? To achieve what? These franchisees are being sent to the wall whilst the franchisors are laughing all the way to the bank.

In our judgment, what is needed is immediate action to make it illegal, with substantial penalties, for unconscionable behaviour of franchisors that misrepresent their promises and inflate the prof­its of the busi­ness.

RADICAL WAGE PLAN: “What total hypocrisy. They [the ALP] set up the FWC loaded it with their mates, threatened to legislate because they didn’t like a decision they made after Bill Shorten specifically ordered a review on Penalty Rates (and we know that the impact of the review would be the status quo or less), and now they say the FWC has a place in setting wages. This maybe a smoke screen however, as the unions are loosing members at the same rate employers are moving to Modern Awards, the unions have no role in setting wages anymore. The ALP in cahoots with the Greens will cut the FWC and instate a Workers Commission where all pay rates have union input, and employers cut out of the process, the result will be small business will drop off and large companies will negotiate directly with unions as Coles, Woolworths and mining and construction firms have done in the past. This will ensure the pockets are lined and donations to the ALP and Greens continue.” COMMENT, David, The Australian, February 20, 2018.

Yes, “What total hypocrisy.” We couldn’t have said it better!