MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 27 March 2018

THE IR DEBATE: is heating up as a stoush between the ACTU and the “big end of town” with the unions demanding more legal right to strike amongst a host of other things. Whilst, “[t]he Coalition’s lack of action on workplace relations has left ­industrial relations policy in a dismal state and business ­increasingly frustrated, a leading employer group says.”

If the unions win the stoush, unfortunately the collateral damage will invariably be small businesses, for who the ACTU has no empathy, and we would have to wonder if the “big end of town” and the Government has any for small business in the matter of workplace relations and ­industrial relations policy.

ASIC: The so call “watchdog” set up to regulate and police the behavior of banks has been found to be ripping off small business. “ASIC’s 2016-17 results show it made $801.7m in “fees” . . . The vast majority of the $801.7m comes from fees ASIC charges companies — the overwhelming majority of them small businesses — for registration and document handling and for fees it charges the public for access to “public” information it stores on the ASIC companies register.”

Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer, who is under fire for failing to say the government was wrong to have opposed the banking royal commission, did not respond yesterday when asked if the government thought it was ­appropriate to be overcharging the public by hundreds of millions of dollars a year.”

After watching ABC’ Insiders interview of the Minister on Sunday, in which her performance was disastrous to say the least, inspires no confidence in her competence as a Minister, to protect small businesses from the ravages of agencies for which she has oversight, one can only have serious questions as to her ability to pursue her “inquiry” into the behavior of the ATO, which like ASIC, in screwing small business with impunity. Can we expect she will order an “inquire into ASIC?