Media Release: Juvenile shop theft

5 February 2019

There is increased alarm from small business owners of convenience and small retail stores in relation to personal safety and stealing.

Some instances have come to light over the past few months of juveniles running amok and out of the reach of the law causing major problems for small business owners with impunity.

“It is understandable that the police “investigate” and lay no charges when there is a total absence of effective laws to enable them to do so, or laws that prevent them from doing so.” Oliver Moon, CEO of the Combined Small Business Alliance of WA (CoSBA), said.

“This untenable situation is a gross indictment on the Legal System, and we urge that Government take urgent steps to bring this situation within the law to protect small business from this totally unacceptable carnage,” Mr Moon went on to say.

Small Business owners in the southern suburbs are at breaking point following repeated targeting of their businesses from stealing and civil unrest.

“These small business owners struggle to earn enough money to feed their families without having to worry about the additional stress of stealing and threats.

“This will only create situations where these owners will close up their premises causing further upheaval in their communities. We call on the Government to act to protect these shop owners”, Mr Moon added.