MEDIA RELEASE: 4 April 2019 Tough economic conditions are driving a number of small business owners to turn to charity organisations for help.

“This has come to the attention of the Board at the Combined Small Business Alliance of WA and we call on the Minister of Small Business to offer assistance,” Mr Moon, CEO of the Combined Small Business Alliance of WA (CoSBA) said.

St Vincent de Paul Society (“Vinnies”) is receiving 400 to 500 new calls each month with a more recent trend being the “significant increase” in small businesses and franchises coming to the charity for help.

Last year Vinnies helped over 40,000 people and had to turn another 30,000 away because they could not offer any more support.

“While we commend Vinnies for their excellent assistance, this represents an exceptional dire and distressing situation for small business and the community in general,” Mr Moon said.

Vinnies have approached the Department of Community Services for assistance.

“Given the exceptional nature of this situation we seek the urgent and active financial support from the Minister for Small Business and the Government to the St Vincent de Paul Society that is so urgently needed for the work that is being undertaken in assisting small business,” Mr Moon went on to say.