MEDIA RELEASE: 4 April 2019 These Juvenile incidents are Creating Havoc for Small Business

The disturbing issue of juveniles running amok and, seemingly, out of the reach of the law is causing major problems for small business owners.

“Whilst we applaud the Police and Government action in some respects to their work with community groups to address the situation, in certain instances a tougher stance is required to protect the general community and small business owners,” said Oliver Moon, CEO of the Combined Small Business Alliance of WA (CoSBA).

Some of these incidents are reported to the police for investigation but no charges are forthcoming due to a total absence of effective laws to enable them to do so, or for that matter laws that prevent them from doing so.

“Our information suggests many of these instances go unreported due to the frustration of small business owners aware of a lack of action. This suggests the situation is far more serious than is being reported, “ Mr Moon went to say.

This reprehensible ongoing situation is further highlighted by the recent incident at Cockburn Gateway, where for many weeks a group of violent teenagers have been causing havoc culminating in physical violence.

“Again, CoSBA, on behalf of small business owners say this untenable situation is a gross indictment on the Government, which in a civilised and supposedly law abiding society should not be permitted to stand,”

“We call for urgent steps to bring this situation within the law to protect small business from this totally unacceptable behaviour, “ Mr Moon said.

Many of these small businesses are family owned and want to work with the community for better outcomes for everyone.

“This matter is so serious it requires whole of Government immediate action, in particular, involving the Minister for Small Business, the Attorney General, Minister for Commerce, Minister for Police,” Mr Moon concluded.