LINKEDIN/BROADCAST: After many years of producing the Broadcast we are overtaken by the technology of social media in our case ‘LinkedIn, Hence, with the growing success of our LinkedIn site, and soon to be Facebook site, we are discontinuing the production of our Broadcast with this edition, which will be our last.

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SMALL BUSINESS DISTRESS: We refer to an article published in The West Australian newspaper on 3April 2019 under the heading ‘WA small business owners feeling the pinch turn to charities for relief’ (copied below),

The article reports, in part: “Small business owners in financial distress are driving growing demand for Vinnies’ emergency relief and financial counselling services. Vinnies WA is only able to meet half of the demand from West Australians in crisis, with between 400 and 500 new calls received each month. “It’s a significant increase,” Vinnies executive manager of member and volunteer services Andrew York said. “Last year we helped just over 40,000 people and turned away another 30-odd thousand because we just couldn’t provide support,” he said.

This represents an exceptional dire and distressing situation for small business, while we hasten to commend Vinnies for their excellent assistance, the article does not identify what action your Government, or more particularly you as the Minister for Small Business, is taking to assist and alleviate the situation. However, in discussing this situation with Vinnies executive manager of member and volunteer services Andrew York this morning he said that he had approached the Department of Community Services for assistance.

Given this exceptional nature of this situation we seek your urgent and active support, in your capacity as the Minister for Small Business and that of your Government, for Andrew York in providing Vinnies the financial support that is so urgently needed for the work that is being undertaken by it in assisting small business.

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