RE. Beware looming changes to GST collection

On 1 August 2019 we wrote to Hon. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister, with a copy to Hon. Michaelia Cash, Minister for Small Business. RE: GST, we said: We refer to an article by Robert Gottliebsen published in today’s edition of The Australian newspaper under the heading ‘Beware looming changes to GST collection’ (copied below), which raises profound concerns for small business, in that regard we share with Robert Gottliebsen’s comment: “I would like to think that ministers like small business and employment minister Michaelia Cash have not understood the real aim of the bill set to go be before the parliament. The government wants the directors of all Australian corporations from BHP and Commonwealth Bank to the local plumber to be personally liable for the GST that their company might owe.

And: “Perhaps Scott Morrison and Michaelia Cash don’t fully understand the real aim of the GST legislation and This represents a fundamental change to the personal liability of all directors.” Accordingly, as this is a matter of potentially having substantial effect on small business we would respectfully advocate the urgent intervention of yourself and the Minister for Small Business to ensure that this reprehensible law is not enacted to the detriment of small business.