Deregulation Taskforce Meeting – 20.9.19

In an email to Tom Dickson, Principal Advisor, Deregulation Taskforce I said: “I was a participant in your meeting hosted by the Belmont Enterprise Centre [on 20.9.19] at which I believe the message was clearly conveyed to you and your team that politicians do not understand nor respond to the needs and aspirations of small business. In that regard, I have attached to you correspondence that you may find useful to your understanding the frustration of small business and to reinforcing the message conveyed by the meeting. Regards, OLIVER MOON, Chief Executive Officer”

To which Tom Dickson responded: “Many thanks for following up with the attached correspondence. This is really helpful to us. I thought the meeting was really useful too. The frustration came through loud and clear. Regards Tom Dickson, Principal Advisor, Deregulation Taskforce”
The meeting was hosted by the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre (BBEC), Carol Hanlon, CEO.
PHOTO: Rear: Tom Dickson, second from left; Frank Stachowicz, CoSBA Deputy CEO, second from right; Front: Carol Hanlon BBEC CEO, second from right; Oliver Moon, CoSBA CEO, right.

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