About Us

CoSBA had its genesis in the early 1990s as the Combined Business Association, which in 1998 changed its name to the Combined Small Business Association, in order to more accurately reflect its objectives.

In March 2002 CoSBA merged with the Small Business Alliance, which now makes us the single largest peak small business organisation in WA with a membership comprised of business associations, local chambers of commerce, industry associations and other incorporated organisations that exist to support and assist the needs and aspirations small business.

Affiliates of CoSBA have a combined membership comprised of an estimated 3,200 employers, with a conservatively estimated annual turnover of $800,000,000, employing an estimated 35,000 employees.

As a peak body, CoSBA acts as a representative and united voice for and on behalf of small business organisations, in so doing, we actively represents the interests of our Affiliates, and small business in general, by lobbying Governments and in being represented on a number of forums and bodies.