Three ways Twitter Dashboard can make life easier for your business

Smart Company, Wednesday, June 29 2016

Twitter has unveiled a dashboard app designed to help business owners more easily engage, connect and grow their audience.

Announced overnight on Twitter’s blog, Twitter Dashboard will be a free tool to enable business owners around the world to more easily share news and conversations while growing their followers.

“With an iOS app and desktop web experience, Dashboard offers a single destination to get things done. It gives business owners a clear picture of what’s being said about their businesses, lets them schedule Tweets, and offers insights about their Tweet performance,” said Twitter product and engineering manager Noah Pepper.

Here’s how it may work for you.

Custom feed to spot tweets about your business

Twitter Dashboard lets small business owners create custom feeds to easily see when and what people are saying about them.

The “About You” custom feed creates a stream of tweets about the business, whether it’s a question about opening hours or a particular product.

This lets business owners immediately spot tweets about them and respond quickly leading to more efficient engagement.

You can finally schedule tweets on Twitter

Business owners can now get Twitter working for them round the clock with the dashboard’s scheduling tool.

Scheduled tweets can also be edited and updated anytime on an iOS device.

Stuck for content? Twitter can help

This is probably one of Twitter Dashboard’s most exciting features because it gives small businesses a chance to build a social media presence from scratch.

Through tweet tips and ideas aimed at small businesses, owners can be inspired and guided on how to share their own unique story with the world.

When entering a new tweet, a green idea or tips box appears with what a business owner can share to spark conversation and engagement with their audience.

For a restaurant owner, the tip might be: “Your team is as unique as your business. Tweet a surprising fact about one of your team members”.

And for an interior designer, it could be: “Share the love. Like and Retweet kind words from your customers.”

Twitter Dashboard is being received with great interest from social media gurus and small business owners worldwide. What do you think?