RED TAPE: The below article, ‘Tasmania’s rock lobster fishermen fight a wave of red tape’, stands as a glaring example of government Red Tape continuing to being imposed on small business. The report highlights the extent of the Red Tape imposition.

“Fishermen feel betrayed and are demanding a rethink from Liberal governments in Hobart and Canberra. “The Liberals promised to cut red tape but they’ve done the opposite,” said fourth-generation rock lobster fisherman Chris Parker. “We have been doing this for hundreds of years, so why should we stop just because someone in an office wants to take more control?” said third-generation fisherman Peter MacKenzie”

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is a statutory authority established under the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990 (the AMSA Act). AMSA’s principal functions are:

  • promoting maritime safety and protection of the marine environment
  • preventing and combating ship-sourced pollution in the marine environment
  • providing infrastructure to support safety of navigation in Australian waters
  • providing a national search and rescue service to the maritime and aviation sectors.

The “principal function” that it does not state is the imposition of Red Tape and additional costs on small businesses.

OBITUARY TO THE RSRT: In The Australian, September 26, 2016, Transport Workers Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon responds to Robert Gottliebsen’s commentary of September 23 on the decision of the small business ombudsman decision on Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal in the article ‘TWU response to Gottliebsen commentary’.

One would expect as typical from militant union official Sheldon’s bravura in maligning the Commissioner, stating: “The supposedly independent Small Business Ombudsman, blames specific suicides, bankruptcies and other hardship on the rates Order — despite the fact that the Order was in place for just two weeks. It should not take a journalist or any other discerning reader five minutes, let alone 50 years, to spot what is at play here: a stitch-up.

Ms Carnell, a former Liberal Party Chief Minister of ACT, had already made up her mind about what would be in the report before her inquiry even got going. . . Apart from the obvious bias, Ms Carnell’s report simply lacks credibility.”

In our opinion, it was Sheldon with Julia Gillard who perpetrated the actual stich-up on small business owner-operators. It is a no contest as to who lacks the creditability, Sheldon looses by a country mile.

SMEs DITCH BIG BANKS: The Australian, September 20, 2016 reports: More small and medium-sized businesses are planning to walk away from the big four banks, with new research showing one in five SMEs eyeing specialist non-bank lenders to finance their growth.”