Red Tape

Last week, when attempting to gain access to a WA government department portal, our CEO had the unfortunate experience of being confronted with rejection by an intractable wall of government red tape, protected by the department’s loyal red tape guardians. To access the portal he was told by big brother he would have to change his password, which met ALL their requirements, except one. He would have to insert a symbol into his password, no reason was given for this requirement.
He stridently refused to change his password and after an exchange of emails clearly telling the bureaucracy so, he received a phone call and was provided with advice on how to access the information he was seeking without the need to go through the portal access it, and no password would be required.
In our judgment, this is the epitome of high-handed bureaucrats imposing red tape measures upon the public, and in stretching the long bow, it smacks of political correctness and social engineering by big brother telling the public how to structure our passwords.
Many organisations, such as ours, are serviced by unpaid volunteers, many of who are retirees that have limited computer knowledge, let alone the imposts of big brother.
So much for the Government extolling the virtue of getting rid of red tape, when the bureaucrats are creating red tape faster than getting rid of it.