NO ACCOLADES FOR TURNBULL/HINCH:  Whilst the Prime Minister is waxing lyrical at his success at the passing of the ABCC Bill, we can only ask is he and Senator Hinch blithering idiots or babes in the wood, either way they have with the ABCC legislation sold small businesses in the construction sector down the proverbial gurgler.  To understand the ramifications of their naïve Claytons ABCC deal read Grace Collier’s article ‘How Derryn Hinch got scammed’ below.

CoSBA BUSINESS ADVISOR REGISTRATION: We have open up our Associate Membership to CoSBA’s Business Advisor Registration, which is open to those businesses and/or individuals who provide services, support and advice of a professional nature such as legal professionals, accountants, financial advisors, etc. This registration is open to those who are self-employed; partnerships and companies.

Registered Business Advisors are required to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in all their business dealings. They must ensure that the interests of the client are paramount in any recommendations and/or advice given.

Applications for Associate Membership can be found on our web page at:

CONTRACT PROTECTION FOR SMALL BUSINESS: “The Prime Minister has signed off on tough new rules to withhold lucrative government contracts from builders who fail to pay their subcontractors on time, . . The Australian was told . . . the payment safeguards would be written into the building code that is policed by the ABCC, giving the safeguards the force of law and allowing the government to turn down a tender from a company that does not meet the standards.”  The Australian, November 28, 2016.