DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LEAVE is set become the latest impost on employers of ten days paid leave per years for real, imagined or down right false physical, verbal, psychological, etc. “injury”. “Employers have warned that ­approval of the union movement’s claim for 10 days’ paid domestic ­violence leave will add hundreds of millions of dollars to their ­labour costs, and potentially allow workers to take up to 20 per cent of the working year off with pay.”* Again, this is a blatant case of social engineering pursued by the unions at a massive cost impost to business, particularly small business. It is a bare face scam, particularly when “injury” is already covered by sick leave. “One of the nation’s oldest companies has warned governments must lower the barriers and costs of doing business in Australia . . . We’ve got this horrific problem in Australia now where the cost of doing business is out of control.””* (*See “Domestic violence leave to hike costs, says business” below.)

SICKIES WEEK: Today begins the nation’s biggest hangover week. More staff take sickies than at any other time in the year, research shows. A national survey of more than 1000 people, commissioned by Amcal, shows close to one in five Australians will have their office Christmas party between December 12 and 19 – the week with the most sick days taken. The West Australian, 12.12.16. Also, see ‘Work party watchdogs’ below.

MERRY CHRISTMAS & a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all. We will be back with the Broadcast in the New Year.