WA restaurants fined by the Health Department

The West Australian, December 3, 2016:

WA eateries and supermarkets breaching the Food Act have been ordered to pay out nearly $385,000 in fines and court costs so far in 2016.

A total of 10 establishments have been convicted in 2016, most recently the Belmont Tavern and Warwick’s Little Dragon Chinese Restaurant, which were last month slugged $40,000 and $20,000 respectively for cleanliness breaches and a combination of handwashing and cleanliness offences.

But those penalties were nothing compared to the $105,000 the Maya Masala in Innaloo was forced to pay out for non-compliance with food storage, cleanliness and maintenance of premises.

The Indian restaurant was found in breach of the Food Act three times by City of Stirling inspectors in the space of six weeks through June and July of 2015 and convicted in May of this year.

The Urban Turban at Westfield Carousel copped a $54,000 fine and $14,000 in costs for a variety of infringements that included failure to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of cockroaches, while Subidoo in Subiaco was another that had to cough up $40,000, for “falsely described food” that had the potential to cause physical harm to its consumer.


The list of establishments fined ranged from Portugese chicken franchise Nando’s in Spearwood – $25,000 for lack of adequate temperature control and cleanliness – to a pair of bakeries (the Kalamunda Patisserie and T&T Bakery in Morley) and three supermarkets.

The Kwinana-Leda Supa IGA was fined in April for not adhering to cleanliness standards and selling food past its use by date and the Willetton IGA was also found by health inspectors selling food that had seen better days.

Farmer Jacks in Subiaco was fined $12,000 for non-compliance related to labelling, dating of packaging, sale of food past use by date and cleanliness.

The number of fines issued so far in 2016 sits well behind the corresponding figure for 2015, when 17 establishments were convicted and the biggest fine issued was $38,000 to the Soda Sun Lounge in North Perth. Among those fined last year was the Charlie’s Garden Coffee Lounge at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Venues found in breach of the Food Act are required to be listed on the Health Department website for two years after their conviction.

Belmont Tavern – $40,000 fine for not maintaining standard of cleanliness where there was no accumulation of food waste, dirt and grease.

Little Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Warwick – $20,000 fine for offences including failing to meet hand-washing obligations and cleanliness issues.

T&T Bakery, Morley – $13,500 in fines relating to cleanliness, maintenance of food premises and handling of food.

IGA Willetton – $15,000 fine for selling food after use by date.

Maya Masala, Innaloo – $105,000 for food storage, cleanliness and maintenance breaches

Urban Turban, Cannington – $54,000 for not protecting food from contamination and handwashing breaches.

Kwinana-Leda Supa IGA – $11,000 for cleanliness non-compliance and selling food past use by date

Nando’s, Spearwood – $25,000 for inadequate temperature control, unclean premises, unclean equipment and failure to maintain premises in good state of repair

Farmer Jacks, Subiaco – $12,000 fine for non-compliant labelling of food, non-compliant date-marking on packaging and selling food after use by date

Subidoo, Subiaco – $40,000 fine for falsely prescribed food which it should have known might cause physical harm to a consumer relying on the description

Kalamunda Patisserie – $11,000 fine for cleanliness and maintenance breaches.