The election looms large and the pork barrelling has started with gusto, with the Premier going underground (with the Roe 9 project) and the Leader of the Opposition going above ground (with the Ocean Reef Marina project). So far small business has not rated a mention except for Pauline Hanson on payroll tax, who says ‘NO’ to Roe 8.

On the more serious side we have received from the Nationals their policy statement on the mining tax proposal and the consequential abolition/reduction of payroll tax.

And as you probably already know, ‘Joy spreads as Bega brings Vegemite home’ “The town of Bega was full of happy little Vegemites with cheesy grins yesterday, as it emerged that its famous cheese company had acquired the US-owned Australian icon.” (SOURCE: The West Australian, 20.1.17)

A FOOTNOTE to Grace Collier’s article in The Weekend Australian, January 7, 2017, ‘Australia risks being left behind as America becomes great again’ (published in this column last week), Kevin, a reader, in response to Collier’s article commented: “We need this desperately. With a tax rate of 15% a small business becomes much more viable and these small businesses are the drivers of employment. This is the best way to increase employment and reduce welfare dependency.”

We totally agree with Kevin, but are the politicians out there listening?