THE HINCH BACK FLIP: Senator Derryn Hinch’s backflip on the “transition period” for the implementation of the ABCC law, reducing it from two years to nine months, is undoubtedly greatly welcomed by small business contractors in the building and construction industry.

“Over the summer break, I spoke to a lot of people, subcontractors and middle-sized construction companies,” Senator Hinch told The Australian.  “They told me the legislation was killing them. My view is that I listen to people, and that’s what I did. I contacted Malcolm Turnbull and told him we needed to look at this again.” (See report below). Senator Hinch is to be commended for speaking with and listening to subcontractors and for changing his position.

SMALL BUSINESS POLICIES: In the lead up to the WA election we have twice written to the political parties seeking copies of their small business policies, as previously reported, to date we have only received those of the Nationals. So we have not seen far any of the others’ policies reported in the media. Does the silence of the others mean they don’t have any?

Given that small business accounts for about 97 per cent of all WA businesses, employs about 44 per cent of the state’s total workforce, employs 100,000 workers in construction, 67,000 in professional, scientific and technical services, 47,000 in retail trade and 50,000 employees in health care and social assistance, it is inconceivable that those that haven’t responded are going to an election silent on policies for small business.

Notwithstanding, irrespective which party wins Government CoSBA will be on the steps of Parliament House immediately after the election to meet with the new Government to find out what their policies are for small business, that we will communicate to our members and small business in general.