THE WA ELECTION: With both major parties having their party’s launches last weekend, only the Liberals has communicated a small cohesive small business policy to us that is consistent with the press report of Wednesday 15.2.17 (See full report below).

LIBERAL: “The Liberal Party committed to $80 million worth of land and payroll tax cuts it said would put money in the pockets of 11,400 businesses and 20,000 property owners.” And at its launch last Sunday: “Mr Barnett said, under the election promise, every employer running a small or medium-sized business in WA could apply for a $2500 payment to take on an apprentice or trainee and another $2500 payment two years later to keep them on.

LABOR: It was reported in the Weekend West: “West Australian Labor leader Mark McGowan says he would run a pro-[big end of town] business government but believes trade ­unions must continue to play a crucial role . . . He said he had worked hard to cultivate business leaders, . . . “I have a great relationship with business. If you name most of the business people on (St ­Georges) Terrace, I know them reasonably well.

Mr McGowan says he is going to lead a Government that will be of and for the “big end of town.” That too is self-evident in the absence of Labor having released a small business policy to date.

So, WA small businesses goes to the election in a fortnight almost devoid of policies from the two major parties that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of small business, for them there is precious little to contemplate, and if one or the other party forms Government nothing will change, clearly they will both be Government’s for the big end of town, and for small business the earth will certainly not move!!!

THE GREAT UNION/BIG END OF TOWN RORT: (Angie Marden, CoSBA’s PR Executive’s response to the Grace Collier article below. Angie wrote and published): Excellent article as usual Grace. I hope you’re right and the union involved will be disgraced, corporate and legal reputations will lie in tatters, we will see the largest back pay claim in our nation’s history and our industrial relations changed forever.

Just as these lower-paid workers have been screwed so have we the taxpayers been screwed by the union thugs exercising their power by including outrageous pay demands and conditions for their ‘members’ in their EBA negotiations with big business. In particular, in construction where it is estimated governments pay 20% or 30% more for the infrastructure projects taxpayers pay for because of the pressure on businesses to cave in to the unions’ demands.

It is time to get real with union power and see it for what it is. They are capable of forcing workers’ pay rates up or down and so long as it benefits unions they don’t much care either way.

The Labor party should end their toxic dependency on their bully mates or stop referring themselves as the party for the working man/women because it’s not doing them any favours.

Big businesses and their lawyers should also remember that those who lie down with dogs will get up with fleas and I hope courageous Penny will have all of them scratching for years to come.