JOAN OF ARC: Penny Vickers who, representing herself before the Fair Work Commission, has become the Joan of Arc for workers screwed by big business in cahoots with two unions, has won a major victory “to have her bid to terminate a pay deal heard by a Fair Work Commission full bench.

Union officials have conceded that the 2014 Coles deal would have potent­ially disadvantaged more than 11,000 of the super­market chain’s 77,000 workers, despite 90 per cent of employees voting to support it.” We don’t suggest Penny’s end up like Joan of Arc – quite to the contrary (Read report below).

BOARDS & COMMITTEES BEWARE: The ‘Fair Work ruling report [published in The Australian, May 24, 2017] could broaden access to anti-bullying laws’, it states: “Chairpersons could be exposed to anti-bullying claims from board directors after a new ruling by the Fair Work Commission [FWC]” sends an ominous warning to all Boards and Committees, large and small.

As those who have served on Boards & Committees know that many, to varying degrees, have their “Dads’ Army” who operate as self appointed “guardians of the status quo” (the “Guardians”) and/or those who assume a role akin to that of the Knights Templar.

The principles of this ruling of the FWC could apply not only to Chairpersons/Presidents but also to any member of a Board/Committee who engages in “bullying”, including a member of “Dads’ Army” (the “Guardians”) and/or the Knights Templar. (Read report below).