SMALL BUSINESS STRESS: The West Australian, 26 May 2017 reported: “More than half of WA’s small businesses experience late payments from larger companies for products and services, according to a survey.” (See the report below) Yes, and the initiatives that have been put in place to alleviate and prevent this from happening seems to be doing little or nothing to remedying the situation.

JOAN OF ARC: In the CoSBA Broadcast 26 May 2017, we commented: “Penny Vickers who, representing herself before the Fair Work Commission, has become the Joan of Arc for workers screwed by big business in cahoots with two unions, has won a major victory “to have her bid to terminate a pay deal heard by a Fair Work Commission full bench.”

In keeping abreast of Penny’s crusade The Australian, 14.6.17, reports: A commission full bench yesterday ordered Coles to produce documents relating to its application for approval of the 2014 deal, which was later found to have left some employees worse off than the award.

It said Ms Vickers’s bid to terminate the 2011 agreement was fundamentally based on the proposition that the erroneous approval of the 2014 deal was because of misleading conduct by Coles in relation to information given to employees and the FWC.

“The commission said the documents, with some exceptions, have apparent relevance to that aspect of Ms Vickers’s case. “We do not accept that Ms Vickers’s case in that respect has been advanced without any reasonable basis for it,’’ the full bench said.

“We consider it is reasonably arguable… that Coles ought reasonably to have known that the 2014 agreement could not satisfy the BOOT when it ­applied for its approval.”

Penny hasn’t been burnt at the stake yet and we will keep you posted as her crusade unfolds. (See the report below)

LIES, DAMN LIES & FAILURES: The Australian, 14.6.17, under the heading ‘Self-deceiving Liberals may lead themselves to oblivion’ reports:

Politicians don’t talk about their failures. They rarely admit mistakes. Lies are so commonplace they can’t admit broken promises. A levy is not a tax, a politician said with a straight face. Climate change was the great moral challenge of our time, said another, until it wasn’t. There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, a leader assured us, until there was. The learned self-deception, a polite term for mastering the bullshit factor, is so complete, those in senior levels see little need to explain to voters or admit errors to themselves.

When politicians talk about failure, it’s about others letting them down, how circumstances didn’t suit them, blame sheeted home to everyone except themselves. Hillary Clinton’s rise and fall fits this chronicle of deception and dodging blame. She’s still blaming Donald Trump and the Russians, James Comey and the FBI, her staff and the Democratic National Committee, misogyny and dumb deplorables. She even blamed The New York Times.

The piece by respected columnist, Janet Albrechtsen, has adeptly characterised the current, and possibly longstanding, integrity of politicians, and which serves as a very sad indictment on the political class that purport to represent the population.