THE GROWTH BOX: On Tuesday (18.7.17) Angie Mardon and I attended the Malaga & Districts Business Association’s (MDBA) Grand Opening of its Growth Box at Malaga, that was also attended by the Commissioner for Small Business, David Eaton, local members of Parliament and the Deputy Mayor and Councillors of the City of Swan.The MDBA describes the Growth Box as: “A unique real and virtual space that facilitates the creation, development and nurturing of business activities primarily in the Malaga Business District and City of Swan regions by providing a nexus for innovative thinking and business ventures through access to digital and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and other relevant physical and human resources as established through relationship management with key stakeholder groups.

With funding from the City of Swan, which, for its support of small business and the project it is to be highly commended, the project was in the main developed by MDBA’s CEO, Clive Haddow, with the support of the MDBA President, Felicity Orr and Board members, who are to be congratulated for bringing this impressive project to fruition.

The event was held in the spacious G Spot and is available to businesses to hold their functions, as well as a number of the other Growth Box functions that were on display, including co-working spaces and . . .

  • 3D printing – actual use and applications
  • Virtual reality applications
  • Recycling innovations
  • Information on Exports and how to go about it
  • Renewable energy
  • Perth Angel investors will give information on how to fund start-ups and new ideas
  • Free Technology apps available to businesses
  • Automation and Dashboard applications
  • Viewing and demonstration of Electric cars
  • CCTV innovation and sound damping applications

Our heartiest congratulations go to MDBA, with our best wishes for the Growth Box’s future success.

THE NBN: Is the much-heralded NBN turning out to be a fizzer, in particular for small business? Certainly that is the impression one gets from recent media reports.

The Australian on July 18, 2017, reports: ‘NBN costs put brake on internet speeds.’: “Millions of Australians will see their internet speeds fall when they are moved on to the National Broadband Network, despite still being charged the same for access.” And, on July 19, 2017, it reported: ‘Small businesses ‘lose money on NBN switch’’: “The Council of Small Business Australia says its members are frustrated and “shocked” with slow connections and poor service under the National Broadband Network, with the problems causing many businesses to suffer substantial losses.”

Many small businesses after listening to the hype have placed their trust in promises of the technological nirvana that would deliver for them the answers to all their prayers by which to operate their businesses, but instead according to the reports it has delivered nothing but frustratration and shock with slow connections at the poor service.