MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 8 September 2017

UNION/EMPLOYER DEALS: A report in The Australian, September 5, 2017 under the heading ‘Small businesses hit back at global chains on Sunday pay’ stated: “Opening his family’s fast-food business on a Sunday was once a possibility for Michael Jacobs.”

The report states: “It’s why he is angry with agreements struck by McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut, which significantly reduce the base hourly rate the global fast-food chains have to pay their Sunday staff. “If we were to employ someone on Sunday we’d make no money. I’ve got to feed my wife and kids somehow,” Mr Jacobs said

Grace Collier in her article ‘Young workers pay for union’s dire deals’ published in The Australian, September 2, 2017 stated: “Our story is not big business versus unions. It is big business and unions versus the rest of us: workers, consumers and small business operators.” The report of 5 September supports her assertion in stating: “Analysis by the Department of Employment found employers hiring workers on award rates would have to pay $8.08 more an hour on a Sunday than McDonald’s does.

Collier, in our judgment makes a very valid point in her statement: “These businesses and their lobby groups have always taken the Coalition for mugs. . . Especially considering their constant cries for industrial relations reform and their loud complaints when it isn’t delivered.

This is a totally untenable situation and we call upon the Government to take urgent and decisive action against the big end of town to remedy their deal making with the unions that severely compromise small business.