Gold Coast Bulletin, Monday, August 7 2017 – Letter to the Editor


A JWS Research Poll published this week shows that same-sex marriage was only a concern for 6 percent of the population, well below the top 10 issues where the majority of us are concerned about jobs, health and immigration.

So please listen, elected politicians, you have been distracted and duped by a minority group skilled in the media. You were elected to be the captain of your ship, your electorate, and as the captain you have to keep the ship away from the rocks for the good of all. Your role is not to leave the bridge and go down to the lower decks to placate an unhappy minority.

Our ship, this nation, is dangerously close to the rocks, financially and morally, and some of you have decided to cross the floor because of the sexual leanings of yourselves or those close to you. This is not what you are paid for, and we are paying your wages! We gave you our trust and you are betraying us.

I’m one of 5 million Australians working 60-80hrs/wk to survive in small business, angry and frustrated at the increasing impediments being imposed by the minority left. They are busy demonising traditional family values, coal, dredging, power stations, fracking, mining and anything else that appears good for the nation, its employment and regional development.

But I am mostly offended that you elected leaders are not focused on the major concerns for Australians which is jobs and a future for their kids.

As you are bereft of leadership next week you should focus on sidelining SSM and honour the commitment that you were elected on, and then sell 51 percent of the ABC, so that they are accountable to the electoral public. The worthy subsidy to special control has become an unworthy subsidy to special opinion and social manipulation.

All you politicians who cannot put the majority of Australians before yourselves, leave and fund your own mental meanderings and let us get the good country back to being great.

Dr Stuart Ballantyne

Runaway Bay