MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 10 November 2017

UNION GRAVY TRAIN: Last week we commented on an article heading ‘Workers rejoice, this union gravy train is terminating’ by Grace Collier published in The Weekend Australian, October 28, 2017, this week our commentary continues, compliments of her article published in The Weekend Australian, 4 November 2017 under the heading ‘Streets let the bear inside’ (copied below) and while the scenario would not apply to many small businesses, if all any, it does sound a salutary warning to any who may be contemplating inviting the bear in.

The article also highlights further the union gravy train, stating: “The agreement provides income for the union, too. One clause forces the company to buy an income protection insurance policy called WageGuard for every employee. The policy must be purchased from a company called UCover. The union has a 49 per cent interest in UCover and its national accounts last year show that more than $3.6 million from UCover was paid to the union.

The union is pissed off with Streets for having the audacity to consider termination their gravy train.

RED TAPE: The old chestnut, the curse of small business, is in the news again, rather than improving the situation with red tape it continues to worsen exponentially. In a report published in The Australian, November 7, 2017 under the heading, ‘IPA: cull needed to free firms from red tape’, said: “The research noted surveys showing 69 per cent of small and medium businesses say dealing with red tape takes “a lot of ­effort”, whole 68 per cent think their industry is overregulated. It found 55 per cent of company directors think red tape the biggest impediment to growth.

And, ““Regulatory agencies are increasingly able to implement regulation and impose red tape without requiring the approval of parliament, and, therefore, the Australian people,” the report says. “Australian governments have vested increasing decision-making power outside parliament and into ‘independent’ bureaucratic agencies.

“These undemocratic, unelected officials have enough discretionary power to effectively make government policy.”

Hello!!! Is anyone listening?