MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 15 December 2017

“MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR”: And, a prosperous one too, so small business hopes, but it may be a forlorn hope, particularly if “Honest” Bill Shorten gets his way. Paul Murray, in his opinion piece ‘Labor’s spot fires start to flare’, published in The West Australian on 9.12.17 gives us an disturbing insight into what Shorten has in store for business.

Knowing that Shorten, aided and abetted by his union masters, opposes Turnbull’s proposed tax cuts for the big end of town, designed to enhance employment and stimulate the economy, and he refuses to say whether he will not to reverse the tax cuts for small business.

Murray writes: “At least Bill Shorten appears to have been honest with the Business Council of Australia heavies at the now-notorious November 23 lunch in its Sydney boardroom. Details of that event leaked out in a week when the Labor leader’s shaky relationship with the truth has been under the blowtorch.

“As the Sydney Daily Telegraph’s Miranda Devine reported in this paper on Wednesday [6/12], Shorten told the business leaders they should expect nothing from any government he lead.

And told them the perception that he was at war with the top end of town was good for his political prospects. “His demeanour was actively rude,” one participant said. “ He made it clear he doesn’t want to work with us.”

We have always known that Shorten & Co are intractably anti-business, including small business. Have a happy new year.

WARNING!: If the Taxman doesn’t get you the Fair Work Ombudsman will!: Hardly a week passes that we don’t read about small businesses being caught for taxation breaches and underpayment of wages. The Australian, December 14, 2017, reported: “A rogue employer has been fined $25,412 for the “appalling” exploitation of foreign backpackers in the Northern Territory, paying them nothing or as little as $2.68 an hour to labour on mango farms. The Federal Circuit Court ordered Chaipom to backpay the workers in full in 30 days.” A not so Merry Christmas for the mango farmer, but certainly a very merry one for the back-packers.

A very Merry Christmas and happy & prosperous New Year everyone, we wish you all the best,
All is quiet and all have gone, to venture around with family and friends, we’re taking a break,
But it won’t be long, until we come back
To start the new year afresh!