MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 8 December 2017

CLIVE HADDOW: the CEO Of the Malaga and Districts Business Association (MDBA) and stalwart of small business has unfortunately had to retire due to ill health. In recent time Clive was instrumental in the development of MDBA’s ‘GROWTH BOX’ which is an outstanding accomplishment and one of which he is immensely proud, and so he should be. CoSBA wishes Clive a speedy return to health and all the very best for the future.

SCREW THE BOSS: Paid domestic violence leave, reported in The Australian, December 5, 2017 that “Bill Shorten promises [at the behest of the unions] 10 days paid domestic violence leave”. (see report below) Is something out of Alice in Wonderland or from the fairies in the bottom of the garden. It is nothing short of the most extreme form of social engineering.

Whilst exempting small business (for now), how does Mr Shorten and his union mates justify that something that happens between partners in the privacy of their own home or elsewhere is somehow the responsibility of the employer? It is a civil/criminal matter – not an industrial matter! Get real Mr Shorten!

And, it is profoundly disappointing that the, “Council of Small Business Australia chief executive Peter Strong said paid domestic violence leave should be capped at five days annually and administered by the federal government through Centrelink.” (see report below) Strong in proposing that for small business it be “capped at five days” is in effect an endorsement that small business accepts the proposal of domestic violence leave, which it does not, and for the leader of the peak national small business organisation to propose any paid leave at all is inconceivable and totally reprehensible.

The notion of domestic violence leave in our judgement is an anathema to small business, and CoSBA is totally and unequivocally opposed to any proposal of domestic violence leave whatsoever, irrespective who pays.

Bill Shorten’s social engineering is as fanciful as that of the six hour working day promoted by the social engineers of the ABC.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: The SmartCompany, December 4, 2017 said: “Launching the inquiry [5.12.17], Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) Kate Carnell explained the investigation would look to canvas where small businesses typically go when faced with a dispute, as well as key trends in dispute resolution given the small business community is faced with a costly and complicated court system when it comes to many issues.”