MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 2 February 2018

SHORTEN’S WAR: The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell has called out Bill Shorten on his proposal to introduce a “minimum wage”, saying: “nearly half of small business owners already earned less than the minimum wage and for those people, an increase in awards would mean job losses, limited employment opportunities and businesses closing.”

And, The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said . . . [it] “would result in a big increase in the wages bill of ­employers. “We think it will add potentially billions a year to the already substantial costs to small business, in particular, of each annual wage increase,’’

This is nothing short of “Shorten’s War” on business and in this case in particular small business. He does not appreciate nor does he care that small business people are “workers” and, the man who seeks to be the next Prime Minister, displays an abject lack of empathy and understanding of the needs and aspirations of small business.