MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 23 March 2018

SMALL BUSINESS INSPIRATION: The SA election promises to be a watershed for small business nationally by following the federal government’s lead of supporting small busainess. The Australian, March 19, 2018 reported: “Incoming South Australian premier Steven Marshall says his ­majority Liberal government has a mandate to implement the party’s pro-business economic agenda.

And,”. . . the party will move quickly to stimulate investment in a state that has regularly had the nation’s highest unemployment rate and least reliable electricity grid during the past four years. The measures include scrapping payroll tax for small businesses, removing red tape, opening international trade offices, and ­establishing a state-based productivity commission.

“We’re going to get on with ­implementing the reform agenda that we need so desperately in South Australia,” Mr Marshall said yesterday. “Now is our time to get this state moving again. In ­recent times, I don’t think we’ve been performing anywhere near our full potential.

Whilst it is early days, The SA move could well be the impetus needed to inspire the WA Government’s small business policy. We remain patiently optimistic.

ACTU LUNACY: The current advertising campaign currently being run by the ACTU is grossly false and misleading, and although it is aimed at the big end of town, there is serious collateral damage for small business, something that the ACTU does not care about, but small businesses know and clearly understands the dire ramifications of this unmitigated lunacy.

The union’s campaign is being stridently contested by The Business Council of Australia (BCA), in an article published in The Australian on 21.3.18 the BCA: ” advocates policies that promote economic growth and the better outcomes for us all this growth will foster.”  And, “The unions’ endless refrain that business does not pay its fair share of tax is wrong.

Peter Strong, the chief executive of the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA Is reported to have said: “In smaller businesses after-tax profits are the wages of the business owners. To argue against tax cuts is to argue against income growth for many Australians.”

The Australian, March 21, 2018 reported: “ACTU secretary Sally McManus has called for sweeping changes to enterprise bargaining rules, greater scope for industry-wide pay negotiations and the overhaul of a “stacked” Fair Work Commission with new powers to pursue wage theft.”

In an address to the National Press Club, Ms McManus said significant changes needed to be made to the Fair Work Act because “our workplace laws from 10 years ago are now not strong enough to balance the power of big business””. Says Joan of Arc of the Australian socialist left and communists. And, we all know what happened to Joan of Arc!