MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO – 20 March 2018

FEATURE: ‘Mongrel Bunch of Bastards’: Continued from last week’s comments when we said: “the Four Corners program has been a turning and major victory for small business, that we trust will not at the end of the day end up a pyrrhic victory. However, Grace Collier comments: “There are some in our community who find the ATO’s powers acceptable. They think the ATO should be able to mercilessly extract any amount of money it wishes from anybody in any way it wants to, without any higher body having any ability to stop it. These people belong in a communist dictatorship.”

For our part, it is difficult to accept that the ATO’s behavior is anything but a ‘Mongrel Bunch of Bastards’.

And it continues: ‘Tax office sees us all as ‘cheats and liars’. It is with profound concern that we read an article published in 18.4.20’s edition of The
Australian newspaper by Robert Gottliebsen under the heading ‘Tax office sees us all as ‘cheats and liars’’, copied below, of which you would no doubt be well aware.

Of a major concern is, according to the report, .” . . . in my view, the inquiry announced by the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services Kelly O’Dwyer is a total joke and an insult to the intelligence of Australians.” After carful reading of the article and not having any reason to doubt the authenticity of its content we would have agree with and support Mr Gottliebesn’s assessments.

Given that, “the Australian Taxation Office is engaged in an apparently mindless campaign against small business and investors and “. . . is a total joke and an insult to the intelligence of Australians, and “If the minister does not end the farcical inquiry quickly and separate the powers she will be forced into a Royal Commission into the ATO.” Sentiments with which we totally agree.

Accordingly, given the gravity of the assertions made in Mr Gottliebsen in his article, and so there can be no perception of a whitewash, we call upon the Government to establish a Royal Commission as a matter of priority. Nothing less will be sufficient to get to the truth from the ‘Mongrel Bunch of Bastards’. In the words of Trump O’Dwyer’s “inquiry”, is a fake inquiry.