Bill Shorten spells it out: businesspeople are for Labor or an enemy

The Australian, July 7, 2018, Grace Collier

A telling moment this week, extremely brief, but concerning enough. Perhaps you won’t quite see it, but for me it was as clarifying as Mark Latham’s aggressive handshake with John Howard back in 2004.

To many, an aside made by Bill Shorten on Wednesday may have seemed peculiar but harmless. After news broke that a Tasmanian business lunch featuring the Opposition Leader was going to be poorly attended, Shorten said: “If some Liberal businesspeople would rather listen to their Liberal leader than the Labor leader, I don’t take it personally.”

The vast majority of people are not interested in politics, and businesspeople, in particular, are both not interested and time poor. And, yes, likely, some don’t feel inclined to spend their hard-earned money on lunch with a man who is going to put their taxes up. READ MORE: