Unions to prosper under lapdog Bill Shorten

The Weekend Australian, August 4, 2018

Want to know what the unions have in mind for Australia under a Bill Shorten government? Recently, the ACTU held its national congress. A 209-page manifesto outlines its cunning plan in draft form.

The policy says “current work rights are not adequate to protect and enhance the wages and conditions of working Australians”. This is a “major contributor to historically high levels of inequality” and “there is now a pressing need for fundamental change” with a “broad scope to cover all current and emerging forms of work, including the gig economy”. READ MORE: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/inquirer/unions-to-prosper-under-lapdog-bill-shorten/news-story/4cc24503d19168de7eb35f0477c1d91d