SMALL BUSINESS v ATO: In a David and Goliath stoush with the ATO concerning its gross injustices against small businesses, Ken Phillips, CEO of Self Employed Australia (SEA), and CoSBA member, aided by Business Spectator columnist Robert Gottliebsen has taken to the Government a proposal for and an independent tribunal to hear complaints by small businesses. As Robert Gottliebsen stated: “small enterprises simply do not have the resources to fight court cases, so the tax office is able to set its own rules and those rules can be different to what the law says.”

In support of an article by Robert Gottliebsen reporting on the behaviour of the ATO and the need for an independent tribunal, advocated by Labor (copied below) CoSBA wrote to Labor’s Shadow Treasurer, Chris Bowen, supporting Labor’s announcement and. copying in the Minister for Small Business, Michaelia Cash.

The Minister offered CoSBA the opportunity to meet with her to discuss the matter. As Ken Phillips has had extensive involvement in the matter of the ATO’s injustices to small business CoSBA asked him to meet with the Minister, to which he agreed. The meeting was held 4.00pm Tuesday 18 September 2018 in the Minister’s office at Parliament House Canberra, which Ken Phillips characterised as a “very successful meeting”, which will lead to further discussions with the Treasurers staff.

CoSBA thanks Ken for agreeing to meet with the Minister and looks forward to the discussions producing an outcome in the manner sought. Watch this space.